5 rounds In pairs: Partner 1 - run 800m Partner 2 - run 400m, rest until partner 1 arrives than partner carry to the 400m line (~50m) Switch
נפגשים ב-19:00 בכיכר פריז לאימון מדרגות - 6-10 כפול מדרגות מכיכר פריז למגדל הנביאים
Complete in pairs, only one partner runs 4 x 800m 8 x 400m 10 x 200m
Run 200m, 30sec rest, 400m, 60sec rest , 800m, 90sec rest, 1600m, 120sec rest, 1600m, 120sec rest, 800m, 90sec rest, 400m, 60sec rest, 200m, 30 sec rest Every run is repeated twice - for every second you run slower than the previous run= …
6 Rounds of 400m Tempo, 400 easy run